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90 Day Diet to 55 Pounds Less

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If you want to get a fit body and eliminate the excess fat that is glued to your body you must try this 3 months diet that will make you lose a lot of weight and you won’t gain this weight back easily. It’s estimated that you will lose around 30-55 pounds for 90 days.

If you think that you don’t need to lose so much weight, you should simply end the diet earlier.

These are the diet rules according the days: protein day, then starch day, carbohydrate day, fruit day, and again protein day.

BREAKFAST: Your breakfast must include fruits, and this applies for every day while you are on this diet regime. You are advised to consume fruits in a pair, for example: 2 pears, 2 oranges, 2 apples, or a handful berries.

It’s VERY IMPORTANT for you not to change the order of the meals that you should eat.


If you are not a meat lover, you can sometimes exchange it with a portion of 3 boiled eggs. In addition to this you can take some milk on this day but in that case you will have to cut the amount of eggs or meat you eat on half.

Dinner: For dinner you can have the same food as on the lunch but without the soup, and smaller amount of meat or eggs.

So if you have chosen to eat meat for lunch you should also eat meat for dinner and the same rule is for the eggs.

You should let at least 4 hours pass between each meal on this day.


Lunch: Rice, potatoes, peas,  cooked beans. You should chose and add some of these spices: pepper, tomato sauce, oregano, salt, mixed vegetable spice, plus a slice of bread and salad.

Dinner: It should be the same as the lunch, but the amount should be reduced on half.

On this day the time between the meals is measured to 3 hours at least!


Lunch: Carbohydrates day is the favorite one for most of the people. On this day you should prepare boiled pasta and add some spices or have a vegetarian pizza with ketchup.

If you don’t like the idea of pizza or pasta you can have pastry, for example three bread sticks.

Dinner: Ice cream and cookies are on the table for dinner! 3 scoops of ice cream or 3 cookies/2 rows of chocolate but they must be rich in cocoa (min.70%)

Let 3 hours pass between each meal on the carbohydrates day!


The fruit day means that you should have fruit for lunch and dinner in addition to the breakfast. Eat as much as you want but take care of the time between your meals, you must let at least 2 hours to pass so that you can have the next meal.


Once a month you should have the water day, so it means 3 times during the diet. You are allowed to drink coffee and tea without sugar as much as you need. You should place this day between fruit and protein day.

When 90 days are passed you should use all your inner strength to eat normally and healthy, and fruit must be your breakfast for the next three months.

If you eat regularly and healthy you will lose another 3 kilos in those 3 months, and that will represent the change in your metabolism. If you are overweighed after this diet regime,  you can repeat the diet.

At first sight you may think that the diet is very strict but the thing is that it doesn’t deprive you from food at all. It does regulate the amount and the kind of food you eat, but in normal measures.

Follow the diet as explained above and don’t change it as you think it should look. Every ingredient mentioned is important and your body needs it.

For example you need the chocolate because it can prevent allergies which may occur when you are on a diet regimen. The fruit you are going to eat every morning is essential for the energy that your organism needs.

It’s also quite important to measure your blood pressure in order to see if everything is fine, and the diet regime does not have some negative effect on your health.

A study showed that people who were suffering from high blood pressure and stick to this diet regime, didn’t need their medicines after 3 weeks of practicing this diet regime.

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