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Walking is excellent for maintaining the persons health and body shape. It doesn’t include lifting heavy stuffs or excessive sweating, but requires will and persistence. In this article we will tell you how much you need to walk in order to see some results on your body .

The walking routine will be exciting because you are about to find out that besides it’s healthy, walking is great slimmer.

You won’t be throwing money on pills and gym, but everyone will notice that your body is tighten and that you have lost weight.

Want to lose weight without going to the gym?

As we previously said it’s possible and doesn’t require much effort. With the help of pedometer you will know how much you need to walk to gain what you want. You should put it onto your hip and walk.

What number there should be on the pedometer so that you gain the desired weight? How much do you need to walk? Here are some answers:

  • 1 mile is equal to around 2000 steps, and with that amount of walking you will burn 100 calories
  • 1 pound is around 3500 calories
  • If you lose 1 pound in a week, it meant that you are losing 500 calories daily
  • So if you want to lose 1 pound walk 10,000 steps, and for further pounds, you do the math!

Walking style

This question is also important, because it’s not only about quantity, but quality also. While you walk your eyes should be around 100 feet forward and your chin up. The abdomen should be tight.

How often we need to walk in order to lose weight?

You should practice walking as exercise at least 3 times a week. The walk should last for 20 minutes approximately. The starting point is 20 minutes, and you should continue with more and more and reach 60 minutes.

Consult your doctor if you want to start the weight loss process with walking, he will always give you the best advice.

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